A full stop or a comma?!

How did u just let your days and months and years pass without realising, without noticing, without caring to stop by once to look and find out that it has always been the same. Its the same dazzling sun every day, is it not the moon also? Is it not the same rain that relives us from the hot weather? Is it not the same school, college or job and the same routine that you try to follow every day? Every morning you open your eyes to ofcourse not the first scream of your alarm..haha!  But  only after a series of snoozing it and tossing sometimes to the right or left on the ever comfortable bed that suddenly becomes the best palce at that moment, and yes how can one ever forget the blanket? Isn’t it the best companion there? But you still get up and finish your chores just to end up in the same bed again! So are we reliving the same day again and again like remember how Phil, the weather man from the movie Groundhog Day did. But wait second, people talk a lot about change but do things actually change around us? Or is it just our way of looking  at the things changes? What does actually change?? But nobody has got time to stop and think about it right! So would you like to put a full stop, or would you attempt to put a comma instead to stop by and look at it closely and realise that its the same struggle with people and things around you and inside you. Its the same ladder that you have been climbing every day under the light of the same sun and the moon. Where is this ever gonna take you? Nobody knows. But yes accepting this fact about life one goes on. As Robert Frost expains it beautifully-‘ In three words i can sum up everything i have learned about life: it goes on.’